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Get ready for an adventure you'll never forget. Whether a simple hike, rock climbing, or a mountain trek, dressing properly in our outdoor clothing for women is the key to real enjoyment during your excursion. Here at Salewa, we have something for whatever you're planning. Not only are our women's adventure clothing and wear suitable for a range of different shapes and sizes, but they're also lightweight, durable, and practical too. Choose the right outdoor clothing for women by checking out our complete range. Stay warm and dry in colder temperatures with hardshell clothing for the best protection when out on the ski slopes. Alternatively, go for our softshell jackets for a lightweight option and greater range of movement. You'll still remain dry from light rain. For additional comfort, choose slightly larger sizes to layer up. And that goes for all products, whether a insulated jacket or softshell pants. Make sure you're adventure-ready with Salewa outdoor clothing.

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